Survey Preparation

Preparing for Your Survey

In order for the surveyor to make the best use of his or her time and to give you the most information about your boat, it’s important for you to take some time to prepare your boat ahead of the survey.

You will want to present a clean, shipshape boat and to have all the papers and miscellaneous gear ready for inspection. It is helpful to have excess personal gear ashore, and sails placed where they can easily be inspected.

If you plan to haul the boat, you will want to make arrangements with the boatyard, and to let the surveyor know the place and time of the haul out. If you plan a sea trial, you will want to hire a captain, or be available yourself to drive your boat. The surveyor will not operate your vessel during a sea trial.

The surveyor may need to request minor dismantling of the interior ceiling, headliner, floor, etc. in order to gain access to area of suspected problems. Any dismantling and/or re-installation of those parts should be performed by qualified personnel, other than the surveyor.

Written authorization from the boat’s owner will be needed to allow the surveyor to board the boat, and to move or remove any part of the boat or its equipment.